Quarto Advisors was established to provide an opportunity for retailers to have access to very top level experience, abilities and contacts at a price that makes sense.

Quarto will attend an initial meeting on a no fee basis. Our fees are calculated either on a daily rate which will vary according to the seniority of the people involved or on a project basis.
Quarto has the ability to put teams together ranging from one person to twenty people depending on the size and scope of the work. Through our partner companies we can arrange detailed market surveys focusing on competitors, price architecture, ranges. Quarto can also advise on Mobile Phone technology, Mobile optimisation of Websites and installing WiFi through our partner company Mdev Technology.


Through our group of experienced Associates and overseas partners Quarto has successfully guided a growing number of U.K. retail brands in to the International Market.


There comes a time in most business when a review of the strategy is beneficial. In Quarto’s view the strategy lies at the heart of all successful businesses.

Retail Operations

Quarto rarely comes across a retail company where there are not profit gains to be made from a review of the operational side of the business.

Re-Structuring and Finance

Quarto’s benefits from a number of senior accounting and banking Associates with wide experience of, and contacts in, the banking, private equity and re-structuring fields.