Jennifer McCormick Panawek

Jennifer McCormick is a talented and experienced U.S. based marketer specialising in the development of brands in the U.S. market.

Prior to linking up with Quarto, Jennifer was an Associate Publisher at Conde Nast where she successfully re-launched the Bon Appetit brand. Jennifer’s role at Conde Nast brought her in to day-to-day contact with most of the leading retailers and brands across the U.S.

Prior to Bon Appetit, Jennifer was the Advertising Director at Glamour, a leading U.S. fashion and beauty magazine, where she was responsible for sales, marketing and strategic brand partnerships. She has also held executive sales and marketing roles at Hearst Magazines and spent her early years as a consultant for KPMG.

Developing brand partnerships with incoming overseas brands is a key role for Jennifer at Quarto.

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