Through our group of experienced Associates and overseas partners Quarto has successfully guided a growing number of U.K. retail brands in to the International Market. The dangers and complexities of such a strategy are frequently under estimated. For every company that succeeds there are others who do not. Many of the latter are highly successful in the U.K. and cannot understand why this does not automatically transpose in to other markets.   A brief no fee conversation with Quarto can outline the issues and indicate a successful way forward. Local knowledge, experience and contacts are vital.

Quarto will advise on appropriate strategies which may vary from market to market. We have successfully taken U. K. brands overseas through wholesale, concession, consignment in Department Stores, appointed Distributors, Licensees and Franchisees and Operating Partners. We are able to introduce operating partners with warehousing facilities, shopfitting capabilities and all the other logistical requirements for running a successful Global business. Quarto works closely with a leading London Intellectual  Property/Trade Mark  lawyer.

Quarto has partner offices in New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai, Sydney, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro. In addition Quarto has close working relationships with all of the key retail operators in the Middle East and Russia.

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