Re-Structuring and Finance

Quarto’s benefits from a number of senior accounting and banking Associates with wide experience of, and contacts in, the banking, private equity and re-structuring fields.

We liaise regularly with a group of Private Equity and Venture Capital groups that specialise in the retail, fashion and wholesale sectors.  Quarto has a close working relationship with the appropriate directors and senior executives of most of the leading banks. In addition to introducing our clients to funding we are able to assist in setting up their proposals in a manner which is likely to increase the chances of success.

Quarto has successfully sold a number of businesses and subsidiaries on behalf of our clients where our in depth knowledge of the retail market and its constituent players has proved pivotal in seeking out likely buyers. Our close relationships with the Private Equity and V.C. field, as mentioned in Finance above, is a major advantage.

Quarto has assisted clients to raise growth finance and working capital through its close contacts within the financial sector.

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